Recently I found a post on Shopify subreddit with the following title: How to add discount code for a specific email domain? Knowing ins and outs of Shopify discount codes I thought I could help. I’m sharing the solution here in a form of a step by step tutorial with screenshots. You don’t need any app to achieve it.

Suppose you want to offer a coupon code only to customers from the same company. They are have email addresses with the same domain, let’s say it’s

First step is to create a saved search for customers who you want to make eligible for the discount. Go to your customers list and enter in the search box.

Search customers with email domain

Hit the ‘Save search’ button and give your customer group a meaningful name.

Save search

Navigate to the Discounts section and click on the ‘Create discount’ button. Select ‘Discount code’ on the popup.

Create discount code

Specify the discount code and value.

Specify discount code and value

Now the most important part. In the ‘Customer eligibility’ section select ‘Specific group of customers’ and choose the group that you’ve created in the previous step. This will restrict the discount only to customers who belong to the specified group.

Restrict discount to customer group

Save the discount and your are done. You have just created a coupon code that can be redeemed only by customer with an email address from the given domain.

However, now you may wonder - will the coupon code work for new customers who are entering their email for the first time at checkout? The answer is yes, the discount will be available also for first time customers who enter the required email address:

Apply the discount code at checkout

In fact, the way it works is that anyone can apply the coupon code. At first it will look like the discount was applied also for customers who don’t have the required email. However, when they navigate to the Shipping page, then the discount will be taken away if they didn’t enter the required email address. They will see a warning message: COMPCO discount code isn’t available to you right now.